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About Us

Africa Herald Publishing House was set up in its present location in 1914 after A. A. Carscallen returned from furlough in late 1913 bringing with him a small platen press and a few pound of type with the assistance of L. E. A.  Lane, a missionary from England who had come to East Africa in 1912, having done some printing, he helped train the first 3 Africans how to set the type and began by printing Luo spelling and grammar which had been prepared by Carscallen. They also published a small monthly paper Jaote Luo (The Luo Messenger). It was known at the time as Kavirondo Press. In 1930 the name was changed to The Advent Press. In 1925 a second hand power press as well as a Davis typesetter were installed. The press was a beneficiary of the 1937 World Missions Extensions Offering. In 1956 the Press was reorganized and the name changed to the East African Publishing House. The present structure was completed in 1961 and the name changed to its present name, Africa Herald Publishing House in 1965.

The House has since undergone major upgrades to the current state of the art machines in harmony with the modern technology that has greatly improved the quality of our products as well as efficiency. The machines are operated by trained professionals.

Publishing is first and foremost a ministry and it behooves each and every one of us at Africa Herald Publishing House to develop products that facilitate the spread of the message of hope through the printed page in the context of the Three Angle’s Message in an effective way so as to ensure that we live up to our mission to saturate the world with soul winning publications so as to evangelize as many as possible to make them wise unto salvation and be converted to the Lord.

While our pioneers used the best means available to them, under God's guidance the publishing work sent the printed page around the world inasmuch as the advances in technology and changes in reading trends have greatly impacted the traditional methods of publishing, millions have been won to Christ through the years. Now, 105 years later, the constituency served by Africa Herald still demands and consumes the page filled with messages of hope.

The enormity of the work has only ever increased with the increase in demand for books, pamphlets and other forms of literature that uplifts the soul. Local authors have been published and many local publications are available at the nearest Adventist Book Centre near you as well as through the dedicated Literature Evangelists that go from door to door.

We look forward with dedication and zeal as Africa Herald Publishing House to partner with all stakeholders to lift up Jesus and publish the glad tidings of His salvation and imminent return and steadfastly fulfill God's purpose for the publishing ministry as a Light House in Africa, for “this work is to continue without the forbiddings of anyone. Souls are perishing out of Christ. Let them be warned of His soon appearing in the clouds of heaven” — Ellen G. White, Colporteur Ministry, p. 25.


Africa Herald Publishing House fully participates in the worldwide evangelism through the saturation of the region with quality printed materials.


Mission Statement

Africa Herald Publishing House exists to communicate to all peoples the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angels' messages of Revelation 14:6-12, through well published and printed Spiritual, Health Principles and Family Values literature in various languages, leading many to accept Jesus as a personal Savior and Lord, and to nurture them in preparation for His soon return.

Feel Free to Contact Us here for any inquiries!

Africa Herald Publishing House

P. O. Box 95 - 40301, Kendubay, Kenya